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Ionic Development

Want to build a hybrid mobile application for your business? Ionic is the best open-source platform available for development. In the development process, Ionic uses Cordova or PhoneGap as a native wrapper. This platform also uses AngularJS. Ionic is the front-end UI framework and offers an impressive look and appealing fill. You can get superiorly interactions based on mobile applications with Ionic.

Why Ionic is Best For Hybrid App Development?

The USP of the Ionic platform is that you just need to develop it once and the same code can be deployed on multiple platforms. That means with the help of Ionic, you can get the native performance on multiple devices and operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows. The main base will be AngularJS, and that’s why the final product can get agility as well as speed.

There is plenty of good documentation and support available for Ionic, so the developers can easily get the solution. And the development of the mobile application is possible with fewer resources as well. For all the upgrades, Ionic consists of component libraries with apt community support. Ionic is the platform that can simply access mobile SDK, plugins, themes, UI library, Google APIs, Camera and so on. With the help of the Ionic mobile application, you can attract your targeted audience easily because of the lightweight and progressive features.

  • As future-proof as the web: The applications build with Ionic can take advantage of the open web that offers power and stability. The web has been successfully serving many industries from at least two decades and it will be there for the next two.
  • Backed by a global community: Ionic is not the new-bee in the town. It is used by more than 5 million developers and used by over 200 countries. And the developers and curators of this platform arrange regular global meetups to explain the latest features of this platform. And these things help to grow the platform.
  • Rooted in Open Source: Byteparity works with all the latest open-source frameworks. And we have expertise in Ionic. This is the world's most popular open-source SDK for creating cross-platform mobile applications. This platform is also the most accurate choice to build progressive web apps.

What We Offer:

  • Ionic App Maintenance & Support
  • Ionic App Integration
  • Ionic UI Design
  • Hybrid Mobile Application Development
  • Ionic Mobile App Development
  • Ionic App QA and Testing
  • Ionic Widget Development
  • App Migration from Native to Hybrid
  • Ionic Plugins Development

At Byteparity, we work hard to provide a standard level of quality to our clients. When you hire us, leave all your web or mobile development work on us, we will take all your worries and will provide you the most effective solution as per your needs.

Byteparity is a one-stop destination for all your needs whether you want a creative UI/UX design for your application or other services such as hybrid app development, design & marketing.

We have qualified developers, designers, and marketers in our team and that’s why we can provide you the complete solution starting from UI/UX designing to development from cross-platform App strategy to maintenance & support. We are the most versatile mobile and web development company.

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